We are an Authorized US distributor and installer of premium components, personalizing luxury and sport automobiles for the distinguished owner.

At Kartoyz, individual meets state-of-the-art high performance vehicles, creating a state of exhilaration for the automotive enthusiast. We bring you lines to satisfy the most discriminating tastes to personalize the finest German, Italian, British and Domestic bred automobiles.

Specializing in aerodynamics enhancements, interiors, stitched with the finest leathers, wheel packages, and extensive engine conversions, consisting of ECU Flashing and recalibration, modified air induction systems, high grade stainless steel and titanium composite exhaust systems, together with metal-bred catalysts and special exhaust manifolds. Also, larger turbochargers and supercharger units, including pulley kit upgrades, accompanied by specifically matched camshafts to maximize efficiency and engine yield. All this power transmitted properly by means of a race clutch, adjustable coil-over suspension and proper wheel & tire combination.

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