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We are San Francisco Bay Area's Leader in Aftermarket Automotive Accessories

We are an Authorized US distributor and installer of premium components, personalizing luxury and sport automobiles for the distinguished owner.

At Kartoyz, individual meets state-of-the-art high performance vehicles, creating a state of exhilaration for the automotive enthusiast. We bring you lines to satisfy the most discriminating tastes to personalize the finest German, Italian, British and Domestic bred automobiles.

Specializing in aerodynamics enhancements, interiors, stitched with the finest leathers, wheel packages, and extensive engine conversions, consisting of ECU Flashing and recalibration, modified air induction systems, high grade stainless steel and titanium composite exhaust systems, together with metal-bred catalysts and special exhaust manifolds. Also, larger turbochargers and supercharger units, including pulley kit upgrades, accompanied by specifically matched camshafts to maximize efficiency and engine yield. All this power transmitted properly by means of a race clutch, adjustable coil-over suspension and proper wheel & tire combination.

Ac Schnitzer

As in all Kartoyz vehicles, there can be no limits to the customers requirements in respect to their prized possessions.



Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.

Wheels and Tires

The importance of distinction and personalizing a vehicle is unparalleled, and begins from the ground up. Combining the correct wheel with your vehicle of choice is indispensable to the overall visual impact. This is why we bring you multi-piece, forged alloy by the creators and innovators of the wheel, HRE WHeels, Savini, Nichi, Vellano, Vorsteiner, Forgiato, Rotiform, Brabus, AC Schnitzer, PUR, ADV.1 and more. Stunning Staggered fitments for all your high end and Exotic vehicles.


What can be said about your vehicles stance? Whether you are seeking an aggressive sport setup for spirited driving, or a silky-smooth one for your luxury sedan while it remains a civilized brute. Kartoyz can offer you several options in suspension tuning to accommodate your driving style and preferences. Whether you choose a sport spring for your Porches to increase rigidity, or with a complete coil-over system for full height and damper adjusting, we will gladly assist and guide you in customizing your suspension setup. Electronic lowering units are also available for most air-ride equipped vehicles. These modules allow us to set ride heights and comfort levels fir for everyday driving.

Aerodynamics Body Kits

Visual impact of your imposing vehicle can only be amplified with the appropriate match-up of aerodynamics. Achieving jaw-drops and head turns are not the only purpose of these diffusors, but to transmit the feeling of stability to the driver, due to these new elevated levels of downforce. German innovators, designers and engineers have mastered this craft. Names like Brabus, Gemballa, Techart, Novitec Rosso, Ac Schnitzer, Startech, Lorinser, DMC, Mec Design, Liberty Walk, Wald, Mansory, and Hamann.

Custom Interiors

Meticulously stitched imported leathers, combined with the raw look of finely brushed suedes to leave you overwhelmed by its simple beauty.

Kartoyz makes individual interiors using some of the rarest and never before seen skins. Exclusive leather appointments are available according to the demands of the customer; fine Mastik-leather, and especially soft kind of hide, complimented with Alcantara inserts. Interior decorating only has the sky as its limit.

Big Brake Kits

Not only visual stunning, Big brake kits are available for all late year models, ensuring that stopping is as important as going. For over 30 Years, Brembo has been a global leader in brake system components for motorsports. Also being a company that has always been outstanding in the design and production of braking systems with innovative technological and design contents. Its top quality products of proven efficiency are used on standard production cars and on competition ones. The revolutionary discs made of composite ceramic material, Brembo CCM, used on the new Ferrari Enzo, represent an example of Brembo’s production and design capacity.

Engine and Tuning

Occasionally, and with the time, there is a tendency to lose the sensation of adrenaline rushing through us under heavy acceleration. To reinvigorate this feeling, Kartoyz offers larger displacement powerplants, Intercooled superchargers and turbo units as a bolt on, or upgrade to the existing setup. Power Yield levels are to the discretion of the owner. Whether looking for a quick horsepower gain, or surpassing an additional 200.
We offer some of the most extensive tuning programs for engine electronics ensuring the optimal interaction of all components for maximum power gains and for meeting all current emission limits. All this occurs without sacrificing smoothness of your vehicle and transforming your luxury sedan of sports coupe into an indisputable challenger for the world;s fastest sports cars. We proudly bring you ECU programing by the industry leaders such as Renntech, Brabus, Hamann, Techart, APR, Carlsson, Kleeman and many more.

Intakes and Exhausts

Proper Breathing is the key element of your automobile’s power plant. Upon entry, an efficient and non-restrictive air induction system is crucial in regards of feeding fresh air to your vehicles engine. Exiting these gases must be accomplished proficiently, thus leading us to the importance of free-flowing exhaust manifolds and mufflers. Not only enhancing efficiency in airflow, pleasant, yet aggressive exhaust notes can be perceived. Fitting such complete exhaust setups can be appreciated in regards of power yield, vicious yet pleasant audible tones and, be visually stunning. Kartoyz is pleased to bring you High Quality, T-304 Stainless steel or Titanium constructed full exhausts from names like Tubi, Eisenmann, Capristo, and Krieissieg. Remember to never undervalue the importance of fresh air.

Car Wraps and Protection

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Audio Enhancements

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Service and Maintenence

Kartoyz caters to all needs related to high end automotive customizing the entirety of its valued customers. Numerous services are offered to its client base, such as Paintless dent removal, multi-process automotive care detailing and high-grade polarized window tinting. Pick up and delivery of vehicles are also available for your convenience. Contact us for further details regarding all of our services.



We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

Mansory Range Rover Sport

Mansory Range Rover Sport

We’ve shared a good amount of aftermarket kits for the new Range Rover Sport but today’s offering from Mansory is a little different. The entire kit is designed and molded from carbon fiber, which adds a unique flare.

The fender extensions add a total of 30mm to each corner, allowing you to run a much wider wheel and tire combination. A brand new front spoiler includes a LED DRL system and a carbon fiber radiator grille. Along with these upgrades, comes a set of sideskirts, carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber rear spoiler, and a carbon fiber roof spoiler.

Contact us today for pricing and availability.

Wald W222 S-Class

Wald W222 S-Class

A single photo can have the power to captivate us into wanting so much more. The designers at Wald recently released a sneak preview of their upcoming Black Bison kit for the brand new Mercedes W222 S-Class sedan. With just one photo released to the public, we can not confirm the exact pieces to this kit. But from our experiences with Wald, were sure it will be phenomenal.

Pur Aventador

Pur Aventador

Amazing Audi R8 V10

Amazing Audi R8 V10

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